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A personal health record (PHR) is an individual’s internet-based consolidated health information in electronic / digital form. PHR or MHR is created, maintained, managed and controlled by an individual himself / herself.
MyHealthRecord is a free of cost internet based utility setup by Government of India for the citizens of India to create and manage their health information like prescription, lab test report, medical images, wellness parameters etc.
MyHealthRecord can help you to manage health and wellness information. These sets of information include lab results, prescriptions, medications, medical images, calories consumed, vitals etc. Managing these at one central place (accessible from anywhere anytime) helps in:
  • Improving quality of engagement with healthcare service providers (clinicians, medical experts, fitness experts).
  • Improving extent and all-round coordination of interaction with multiple healthcare service providers including aspects of second opinion or multiple consultation about same health conditions.
  • Avoiding repeat diagnostic tests by ensuring availability of past tests and medical images.
Your health information is scattered across number of sources like hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, diagnostic centres and other healthcare service providers. Maintaining your health records like prescriptions, lab test reports, immunization details, information about your allergies, medical images etc. can help you in managing your health efficiently. If shared with your doctor, these saved past health records, besides saving costs can increase the quality and speed of your treatment MyHealthRecord can help you in:
  • Improving your awareness about your health.
  • Having easy access to your health records.
  • Tracking your health and wellness parameters.
  • Sharing your health records with your doctors, family and friends.
  • Consolidating / grouping your health records from various sources.
  • Printing your all or selected health records.
  • MyHealthRecord makes your health information / records like prescriptions, lab test results, and medical images accessible to you anytime, anywhere, any device.
  • Through MyHealthRecord you can share your health information with your doctors, family and friends with significant ease.
  • MyHealthRecord helps you to save money by avoiding repeat investigations.
  • MyHealthRecord enables you to track your wellness activities.
  • MyHealthRecord also has a clinical practice module, if your doctor is using the module, MyHealthRecord would provide back to back seamless connectivity with the clinical practice module so that the health information is exchanged between you and your doctor instantly.
No, MyHealthRecord is a free of cost service for all citizens of India set up by MoHFW, Govt. of India.
Yes, you can install MyHealthRecord in your smartphone. MyHealthRecord apps can be downloaded from:
1. Google Play Store
2. Apple App Store
Yes, MyHealthRecord is synchronized / seamlessly integrated with Samsung-Health (Android) and Apple-Health (iOS) apps. Your wellness data recorded by these apps can be pushed into MyHealthRecord and can get consolidated into MyHealthRecord.
Yes, your health information in MyHealthRecord is absolutely safe and secure. Only you have access to it.
Your family and friends can view your health records stored at MyHealthRecord only if you provide an access to them. You can also fix the duration for which your family and friends can view your health records.
Your family members can view your health information only if you share your username and password.
In order to share your records at MyHealthRecord, you need to know the name and email id of the individual with whom you want to share your records.
There is no limit on the number of documents / reports / medical images that can be stored in my profile at MyHealthRecord.
Your health information would remain stored in MyHealthRecord for 5 years, from the date of upload.
No, it is intended for individual user. For single user there will be single account. For the other family members different accounts can be created.
Yes, there is separate icon for user and clinician. In the view grid there is “Entered By” column. If record is entered by user, icon will be in grey color, else in blue color.
Yes, you can print your health records saved at MyHealthRecord. You can print it in totality or you can also print selected health records.
No, your health records at MyHealthRecord are absolutely safe and secure. No one can have an access to your health records without your permission.
To send your health records directly into your profile in MyHealthRecord; your health service provider’s IT system must be integrated with MyHealthRecord. In public interest, Govt. of India is open for such integrations.
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