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Your health information is scattered across number of sources like hospitals, clinics, clinical laboratories, diagnostic centres and other healthcare service providers. Maintaining your health records like prescriptions, lab test reports, immunization details, information about your allergies, medical images etc. can help you in managing your health efficiently. MyHealthRecord is synchronized / seamlessly integrated with Samsung-Health (Android) and Apple-Health (iOS) apps. Your wellness data recorded by these apps can be pushed into MyHealthRecord and can get consolidated into MyHealthRecord. Managing these at one central place (accessible from anywhere anytime anydevice) helps in:

  • Improving quality of engagement with healthcare service providers (clinicians, medical experts, fitness experts).
  • Improving extent and all-round coordination of interaction with multiple healthcare service providers including aspects of second opinion or multiple consultation about same health conditions.
  • Avoiding repeat diagnostic tests by ensuring availability of past tests and medical images.
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MyHealthRecord Mobile Apps: